"Out of Agharta" solo exhibition

Place : Photo Gallery "Nikon Salon"
28F,L-tower,1-6-1,Nishi-Shinjuku,Shinjuku-ku,Tokyo Japan.
Sep. 15 - 28, 2009. This exhibition is the new series.

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"criticism magazine - Photographs after digitization"

We published a study magazine about photography.
member : Junichi Sato, Hiroshi Oshima, Akihiro Takahashi, Norio Kobayashi.
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Co ntents are criticism, an essay, a talk, others.
Musashino Art universityDepartment of Imaging Arts & Sciences.

"New Digital Age 3"
Six students of my seminar of the Musashino Art university participated.
From March 13 to April 5. 2009.
place : Novosibirsk State Art Museum (RUSSIA)

director by Andrey Martynov.

"Mental Contagion"
My works was introduced on a Mental Contagion's web site. (USA)
Director : Karen Kopacz.

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Mental Contagion
Making Space for Visual Artists & Writers.

group exhibition "Kobayashi seminar"
Place : Gallery LE DECO 3F. (Tokyo Japan)
February 5 - 10, 2008.
seminar exhibition about my university.
(Musashino Art University) I exhibited it with students, too.

"Digital Kitchen" solo exhibition in China
Place : Hubei University of Economics College of Art & Communication.
(China) October 25 - November 25, 2007.
Furthermore, I performed a lecture about a digital photography and a workshop.

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selected exhibition "The Joyful House"
I am participating. "Digital Kitchen"
Place : Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art
August 4 - October 1, 2006.

A house contains an enclosed, private space for a person or a family to live in. But when it is seen by others from a different point of view, some new aspects of it may be discovered. This exhibition features seventeen artists' diverse works that range from painting to sculpture, photography, video and architecture, and it explores the varied approaches to the motif of 'house' in contemporary art.

selected exhibition "Different Dimension"
I am participating. The 1st Invisibles International Festival of contemporary photography. July 15 - August 30, 2006.

As a part of the program we will show a collection of movies dedicated to photography and well known international photographers. It will take place at the Novosibirsk State Art Museum (RUSSIA)
The best works of photographers from Argentina, Australia, Italy, Japan, Taiwan, USA and other countries will be exhibited at this SHOW.

Festival Director: Andrey Martynov, RUSSIA

"ASAHI CAMERA" Japanese monthly photo magazine
May issue. My "Digital Kitchen" was introduced.

"Phos - Seven abnormality"
It is held from November 1 to December 28.
A place : Nikon Salon, Nishi-shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Japan.

Photographers : Miyuki Ichikawa, Naomi Maruta, Atsuko Naganuma, Miyuki Motoki, Junichi Sato, Akihiro Takahashi, Norio Kobayashi.

Symposium : November 28. pm3:00 - 5:00.

"Digital Kitchen" solo exhibition at "Art Moscow - 2004"
May 25 - 30, 2004.
The Central House of Artist. (Moscow)

report of Moscow, click here!

organized by the Center of Photography in St.Petersburg.
director by Andrey Martynov.

"Digital Kitchen" solo exhibition
August 11, - September 10, 2003.
The State Center of Photography, Ministry of Culture, Russian Fedrratin.(St.Petersburg Russia)

director by Andrey Martynov.

"Digital Kitchen" solo exhibition
May 15, - June 15, 2003.
Krasnoyarsk Museum Centre. (Krasnoyarsk Russia)

director by Andrey Martynov.

"A Day in the Life" (USA)
I am participating.
Feb 10, - 16, 2003

"Japan:Contemporary Ceramics and Photography" (Germany)

An exhibition by Japanese contemporary photographers.
I exhibit "Digital Kitchen" 31 sheets of photographs are displayed in the size of A1. It is a work by digital camera.
January 31, - May 4, 2003
Opening Hours

Although after 1945 European and American influences played a certain role in Japanese photography, post war artists were inspired by the reservoir of specific Japanese imagery, just like it developed in fine art. As a central theme they picked out specific „Japanese“ topics like vast cityscapes as places of „chaos-like“ but vivid communities as well as the conflict between traditional life styles and modern living. Deichtorhallen Hamburg
Deichtorstr. 1-2
D-20095 Hamburg Germany

"Photography Today 2 - [sait] [sight]" selected exhibition
Date : June 18 - August 4, 2002.
An exhibition by eight Japanese contemporary photographers.

my space. the size of A1. I exhibit "Digital Kitchen"

support EPSON

"Photo Magazine in Russia"

My works was introduced on a Photo Magazine in Russia.
Director : Andrey Martynov.

"Digital Kitchen" solo exhibition
Photo Gallery "Nikon Salon" January 15-21.
28F,L-tower,1-6-1,Nishi-Shinjuku,Shinjuku-ku,Tokyo Japan.
40 sheets of photographs were displayed in the size of A1.
It is a work by digital camera completely.

Post Card "Digital Kitchen"

My "Digital Kitchen" series was introduced with MACHFELD.
It is splendid site presided over by Michael Mastrototaro.

international arts and culture society. (Austria)

"Digital Kitchen" solo exhibition
place : Le Vall Art Gallery (Russia)
Novosibirsk, Russian Federation.
Director : Andrey Martynov.
Date : October 4-18, 2001

Contents : digital camera works "Digital Kitchen".
During periods of an exibition, be updated every day :
(English) http://www.artbow.com/kitchen2001/

"TOPPAN edit-21 vol.2"

My web works was introduced on column page.
culture information magazine : TOPPAN

"Digital Camera Magazine - April issue"

Digital Camera Magazine :
It is a monthly about a digital photography representing Japan.
My works was introduced on a cover and gallery page.

"not images" solo exhibition
place : Gallery ART SPACE (Tokyo)
Date : 2000 Dec. 12 - 17
Contents : digital camera works "not images".

"CCD Collaboration"
place : Kagurazaka Underground Gallery(Tokyo)
Date : 2000 October. 09 - 29.
It is an exhibition by four artists.
Naomi Maruta, Junichi Sato, Akihiro Takahashi, Norio Kobayashi.
Active artists on the internet gather in the gallery of the town. The expression of approaching reality from the net. It is a work by digital camera completely. The photograph multiplied every day. It was a trial of an experiment by four artists who used a gallery and Internet.
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"Digital Kitchen" solo exhibition
place : Photo Gallery "Nikon Salon" Tokyo & Osaka
Japan. Date : 2000 May 15-20. & Sep.07-19.
Contents : digital camera works "Digital Kitchen".
47 sheets of photographs were displayed in the size of A1.

"Thank you ! Mr. Jim Coe"
My site was introduced by Jim Coe.
It is very intellectual, and it is a precise criticism. It appreciates him. "ART, DOCUMENTARY, BIOGRAPHY ?" In one of the lovely paradoxes of art, as artists documents the world, they document themselves. When their work is also presented sequentially, we can grasp something of their creative development. In his gorgeously-designed website (a work of art unto itself), Norio Kobayshi shows us his growth as a photographer. The first images, "Agharta," are his discovery of photography as a child. Later, he creates monochrome documentary images of the earth, in "Landscapes 1." In the following "Landscapes 2," the same subject is treated in color and with a more concentrated, abstract vision. In "Membrane," we experience Mr. Kobayashi's exploration of digital color photography and his innovations in the use of the Web. So here, we get a quadruple treat! Excellent documentary photos, wonderful abstract art, fresh Web ideas and an "image autobiography" of an evolving, exploring artist. Jim Coe, (BRIEFME weekly e-zine U.S.A.)

(BRIEFME on: Art & Photography Greetings Subscriber, Here is your BRIEFME weekly e-zine, published on Dec 27, 1999.)