Digital Kitchen 2004 - 2006 ..... No.4

This series is not my diary. These photos are my experimental work. I started this series in 1999. I started to use a digital camera and the Internet in 1997 and I felt their great possibilities for the future even though the quality was inadequate at that time. Using the internet, anyone can express his or her photos for all over the world. I decided to use it as the way to express my work, not as a communication tool. Moreover, with digital camera, I can update my photos just after shooting them. I usually take photos during my breakfast, and I retouch and upload them within 30 minutes. The primary purpose of this project is to show my photos on my Web site, instead of in a museum or gallery. Of course, I hold exhibitions in museums and galleries with printed photos, however, I love the Internet world, which is always changing. by Norio KOBAYASHI.

初期の頃のDigital Kitchenです。徐々にデジタルカメラの画素数も増えて、500万〜600万画素の時代だったでしょうか。ネット回線はまだまだ速度が遅く大きなデータは流せず、掲載写真も小サイズに限られました。2004年、このウェブサイトが縁でロシア・モスクワに招待され、現地の美術館でDigital Kitchenの個展を開催することができました。今となっては懐かしい思い出です。