Norio Kobayashi/Biography

1952 Born in Odate-City, Akita Japan.
I had a camera for the first time at nine years old.
1980 Left Nippon Dental College by halfway.
1983 Graduated from Tokyo College of Photography. (postgraduate course)

Published "LANDSCAPES" in 1986, for which the Award of new talented photographer of Photographic Society of Japan was given in 1987. Published " FIRST LIGHT" , for which the Kimura Ihee Prize ...of photography was awarded in 1993.

The digital photography began with 1997. The digital photography gave me new joy.
Emeritus Professor of Musashino Art University now.

1983 Last Home, Camera Works Tokyo No.10
1986 Landscapes / Japanese Landscapes, ARK ONE Inc
1992 First Light / Japanese Landscapes, Atelier Peyotl Inc
1996 Surface, Booth-Clibborn Editions, England (collaboration)
1997 Land of Paradox, Tankoo-sha (collaboration)

1981 Photographic Journey 1968-1972, Gallery OWL (Tokyo)
1982 Direction of Pleiades, Azumi Gallery (Tokyo)
Landscapes, Gallery Eye-Heart (Tokyo)
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Landscapes, Minolta Photo Space (Tokyo)
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1994 First Light, Yuki-Culture Center (Ibaraki)
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1995 Self on the Borderline, Takemura Gallery (Akita)
1996 Japanese Blue, Zeit-Foto Salon (Tokyo)
Membrane of Landscapes, Yokohama Portside Gallery (Kanagawa)
1997-1999 Web Exhibitions (Web)
2000 Digital Kitchen, Nikon Salon (Tokyo) (Osaka) and Web.
not images, Gallery ART SPACE (Tokyo) and Web.
2001 Digital Kitchen, Le Vall Art Gallery (Russia) and Web.
2002 Digital Kitchen, Nikon Salon (Tokyo) and Web.
2003 Digital Kitchen, Krasnoyarsk Museum Center (Russia)
Digital Kitchen, The State Center of Photography (Russia)
2004 Digital Kitchen, Central House of Artist (Moscow,Russia)
2006 Japanese Blue, on Web.
2007 Digital Kitchen, Hubei University of Economics. (China)
2009 Out of Agharta, Nikon Salon (Tokyo & Osaka)
2010 ROLLING JP BLUE, Gallery Momozono (Tokyo)

1975-79 Exhibitions at Photo Gallery Q-Blik, Prism,and Put (Tokyo)
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1983 Photographic Showing Tokyo Open-Graph, Gallery Tamaya (Tokyo)
15 Contemporary Photographic Expressions, The Gallery at University Tukuba (Ibaraki)
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The Federation of Asian Photographic Art:Tokyo Convention, Shasin Gallery (Tokyo)
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Japan Professional Photographer's Society:Invitational Exhibition, Tokyo- Metropolitan Art Museum (Tokyo)
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Tama Vivant'89,Seed Hall, Shibuya Seibu (Tokyo)
Photography-151th Anniversary, Heineken Village Gallery (Tokyo)
1990 100 Years of History of Tama by Photographs, Parthenon Tama Community- Gallery (Tokyo)
The Works with Polaroid 20x24, Hanahaku Museum of Photography (Osaka)
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Color, Photo Interform (Osaka)
1994 Kawasaki Monument, Kawasaki City Museum (Kanagawa)
Japan Professional Photographer's Society,Invitational Exhibition, Tokyo- Metropolitan Art Museum (Tokyo)
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History of Japanese Photography after the Second World War, Fuji Photo- Salon(Tokyo)
Liquid Crystal Futures, Aoyama Spiral Hall (Tokyo)
1996 The Kimura Ihei Memorial Awards-Genealogy of Japanese Contmporary Photography, Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography (Tokyo)
1997-8 Land of Paradox - Uuji Saiga. Naoya Hatakeyama. Toshiro Yamane. Norio Kobayashi. (toured around Japan)
1998 Collaboration - Miwa Yanagi. Norio Kobayashi, Gallery Nikko (Tokyo) and Web.
1999 Web Photo Collaboration "CRT" (Web)
Web Photo Collaboration - 2 "CRT" (Web)
2000 Photo Collaboration "CCD" Kagurzaka Underground Gallery (Tokyo) and Web.
Collaboration - Osamu Kanemura. Masato Seto. Norio Kobayashi.(Sapporo)
2001 Photo Collaboration "CCD" (Web)
Collaboration, Nikon Salon (Tokyo)
2002 Photo Collaboration "WCP-absence" Gallery ART SPACE (Tokyo) and Web.
Photo Collaboration "CCD-Unit 2002" (Web)
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2003 Zokei D-style, node gallery (Tokyo)
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2005 Kimura Ihei Photography Award, Kawasaki City Museum (Kagawa)
Chaos, Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography (Tokyo)
2006 The Joyful House, AICHI PREFECTURAL MUSEUM OF ART (Nagoya)
epSITE 1998-2006, epSITE gallery (Tokyo)
2007 1945-1989, Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography (Tokyo)
2008 1945-1989, Niigata Bandaijima Art Museum (Niigata)
TAMA VIVANT 2008, Tama Art University (Tokyo)
2009 THE LIBRARY, Sizuoka Art Gallery (Shizuoka)
2010 1945-1989, Marugame Genichiro-Inokuma Museum of Contemporary Art (Kagawa)
THE LIBRARY, Ashikaga Museum of Art (Tochigi)
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2013 Kawasaki Monument, Kawasaki City Museum (Kanagawa)
2015 Pre Web Collaboration, Web
2016 Japanese landscape, Ashikaga Museum of Art (Tochigi)
Le bal, ZEIT-FOTO SALON (Tokyo)
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2019 30 Years of Plaza Gallery, Tokyo Art Museum (Tokyo)
2021 Contemporary Japanese Photography 1985-2015, Tokyo Photographic Art Museum (Tokyo)
2023 Promenade In Color 2023 , Ashikaga Museum of Art (Tochigi)

1983 New Black&White Japanese Photograph, Amsterdam Cannon Photo Gallery (Netherland)
1986 Japanese Contemporary Photography, Spain (toured around Spain)
1987 Empathy:Contemporary Japanese Photography'87, New York,U.S.A (toured around U.S.A)
1988 Ten On Tokyo, U.S.A (toured around U.S.A)
Contemporary Photographs From Japan, Columbia College (Chicago,U.S.A)
The Federation of Asian Photographic Art:Invitational Exhibition, Seoul (Korea)
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1990 Japanese Contemporary Photography, Paris (France)
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1996 Land of Paradox - Uuji Saiga. Naoya Hatakeyama. Toshiro Yamane. Norio Kobayashi, (toured around U.S.A)
2003 Japan : Contemporary Ceramics and Photography, Deichtorhallen (Germany)
2006 Different Dimension, Novosibirsk State Art Museum (Russia)
2007 JAPAN Caught by Camera (China)
2010 Different Dimension 3, Novosibirsk State Art Museum (Russia)
2011 Light Cyan, Ya Nest Gallery (Shanghai, China)
2024 Another Dimension 2024, Novosibirsk City Art Center (Russia)

Center For Creative Photography, University of Arizona (U.S.A)
Polaroid Crop (U.S.A)
Polaroid Japan (Japan)
National Museum of Modern Art,Kyoto (Japan)
Parthenon Tama Community Gallery (Japan)
Kawasaki City Museum (Japan) Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography (Japan)
Tama Bansan Kan (Japan)
Hubei University of Economics (China)
Ashikaga Museum of Art (Japan)